B2B / B2C Web Portals

B2B is a business activity based on internet which wraps the entire business dealings from business marketing to final deals.

B2B/B2C web portals are designed to provide a variety of services including news, Web searches, discussion groups, shopping, e-mails &links to other sites. Our web portal solution is a website on the internet to provide custom-made capability to their visitors. In addition to that, our business web portals are created to share connection in workplaces. An additional business-driven requirement of portals is that the content must have capable to work on several platforms. In every module, any no of Modules; Events & Roles can be added by administrator through its Administration module.

What We Offer?

  • Database designing and portal programming
  • Database optimization
  • Front-end, middle ware and back end integration
  • Smart development of portal to provide maximum scalability
  • Advanced report generation analysis

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