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Design Brewers connects creative & tech professionals and studios with high quality, approved projects. Our curated approach reduces the time and money you spend pitching new work, and improves success by helping you to cut through the crowd to find the kinds of work you're looking for.

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  • It's free to join and we don't take commission
  • We screen & approve every project
  • Choose what you pitch or let us match you up
  • No more than 5 Providers can pitch a single project
  • Projects are matched based on experience, skills, and budget

You can choose which projects you want to pitch, or use our matching service to be matched up with projects to your specification. We take a qualitative approach by screening every project to make sure its legitimate, serious, and commercially viable, and allow no more than 5 providers to pitch - reducing the noise and improving visibility.

Provider Requirements

We screen every provider who signs up. Before you apply, you should be aware of our provider minimum standards so that you know what we expect. You can review our Provider Standards Policy and General Providers FAQ here.